Culture Route in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Singing Heritage brings joy to life, warmth to travel, a breath of history, but the culture lives on in time and is full of surprises. Welcome to the wonderful world of singing.

Latvian women in traditional costumes
Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on the map

All the nations of the world have their own singing traditions. We want to tell you what those are on the easternmost edge of the European Union. In Finland the route is based on runosong tradition. In Estonia Setos are singing Leelo. In Eastern Latvia they have a multipart singing tradition called singing with “pusbolss” and in Lithuania people sing sutartinés.

We want to present to you also other cultural elements from our countries like museums, food etc and of course sauna traditions which connect all these countries.

We want to build a close network respecting different cultural traditions and tell about those. We definitely think that everyone has the right to dignity and to live in peace. By working together, we and our cultural heritage will be strengthened and come to life.

Sustainable travelling

The charging points for the electric car along the route can be found behind this link.

Seto ladies are taking selfie

This video introduces you to the atmosphere of our route, the song traditions of four different countries and other cultural treasures found along the way. Welcome to the Singing Heritage Route!