Estonia for Visitors

From its long summer nights and rich cultural heritage to its centuries old charm fostering tomorrow’s tech talent, Estonia has a spellbinding ability to flex its space and time, so it’s tailored to you. Its compact size and effortless accessibility means whether you’re here for a weekend or for weeks, there’s simply more time to connect to the place and its people. A place that connects Europe with the East and Estonia to the world. A place that fuses Nordic, Baltic, Scandi and Soviet. A place that’s taken the best of each chapter, to write its own unique story. A place that helps you to understand your own place in the world. A place that, for a lot of people, isn’t even on their radar. But it’s about time it was.


Small seto girl next to big women statue. Both are looking to the lake.
Small road in the village. Onions hanging in the front of picture.
Different ages Seto Ladies in their traditional costumes


​The Seto Külävüü ‒ Literally, the “Seto Village Belt,” Setomaa’s main tourism route. Here the visitor can meet the heritage of Seto culture. Setos are known first and foremost for their distinct singing tradition – Seto leelo folk songs. Setos are also a dancing nation. Seto dances are energetic and emotional, like the Setos themselves. The traditional Seto folk costumes are especially eye-catching, the women’s silver jewelry in particular. Many traditions are connected to the Orthodox Church.

Visit Estonia

Discover the northernmost country in the Baltics. Plan your trip to the beautiful nature of Estonia or attend to a Song Festival. Visit in beautiful cities or find cultural heritage from small villages.

Small village route and a lot of onions hanging on the road sideg on

The Onion Route – Sibulatee

The Onion Route is a chain of meandering villages on the shore of the Lake Peipus, inhabited both by Russians and Estonians living side by side, and which is famous for its rich cultural diversity. Route offers participation in various handicraft workshops and classes or go on heritage tours, do different kind of activities or just wonder the beaty of nature.

The modern building of Estonian National Museum

Visit Tartu

Tartu is the Place for cultre lovers route trip. Several museums and cultural history around city make its athosphere unique. Also the Estonian National Museum is located in Tartu. No wonder that Tartu will be European Capital of Culture in year 2024.