Finland the land of forests and saunas. The sauna culture is the first Finnish element on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. There are 3.2 million saunas in Finland and almost 90 percent of all Finns go to a sauna once a week.  The tradition is passed on in families and in numerous active sauna societies.

Finland is also a country of Kalevala and runosong tradition. Here heavy musicians takes inspiration from the myths Kalevala.

In Finland there is over 180 000 lakes and 75% of country is covered by forest. It means that people are still able to enjoy nature and picup berries and mushrooms from their backyard. Swimming is common hobby even in the winter.

In Finland there are only 5.5 million inhabitants and most of them speaks Finnish. The country is voted several times to be happiest country in the world, that is a small mystery for Finnish too. Maybe some reasons are good educational level, democracy which really works, rather good equality between women and men and of course the nature.

Stone stairs in the forest
People photografin the view to the lake Pielinen in the Koli mountain.
Karelian style building