Lithuanian Singing Heritage

Old man sitting on the bench and  playing Kanklės
Children are making music and playing in the backyard
Lithuanian women standing in the castles balkony
Lithuanian people in their traditional costumes


Sutartinės is a form of polyphonic music performed by female singers in North East Lithuania. It is included on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. Sutartinės are performed in solemn occasions, but also at festivals, concerts and social gatherings. The performances promote sharing of cultural values and provide a feeling of cultural identity, continuity and self-esteem.

Girls are dancing in their traditional estonian costumes

Lithuanian Song and Dance Festivals

Baltic song and dance celebrations is an inspiring and unique phenomenon in itself, as it manifests the peoples need to express and renew their cultural identity, the power of civil society, and also the meaning of democracy and freedom of expression. In 1869, the first Song Celebration in the Baltics was held in Estonia (Tartu) and some years later in Latvia (Riga). From that on, the celebrations have attracted tens of thousands of singers and dancers every fourth (Lithuania) or fifth (Estonia, Latvia) year to celebrate their own culture and identity.

Croud of people in Tallin

Singing Revolution

The most impressive demonstration of the power of the singing were the events that led to the restoration of independence of the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania from the Soviet Union at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s. The term „Singing Revolution“ is derived from the spontaneous mass evening singing demonstrations at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. The movement was largely based on the Song and Dance Celebrations, which had strengthened the sense of national identity and need for sovereignty. The concept of “Singing Revolution” is today known in the whole world.

Festivals and Events

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Folk Music

Skamba skamba kankliai
2022 May 26-29


16th International Folk Festival from 10th to 14th of of November.

International instrumental folk music festival „Griežynė“

Griežynė“ is more than concerts. It includes shows of musical instruments and exhibitions of pictures featuring folk music performers, folklore documentaries presenting ethnographic material on customs, musical instruments’ production, meetings with the musicians, and instrument craftsmen.

Atataria lamzdžiai

2022 June 3-5. The aim of the festival is to nurture the folklore, crafts, folk art and ethnic traditions of various Lithuanian ethnographic regions.

Parbėg Laivelis

Every two years, Klaipėda City Municipality Centre of Ethnic Culture organises the traditional International Folklore Festival.

Tek saulužė ant maračių in Neringa

With this festival we cherish folk tradition, reveal unique region of Curonian Spit, present rich heritage of folk culture and distinctive nature, show a beauty of traditional life in a modern style of living.
We aim to develop diversity of traditional ethnic culture by bringing together folk groups from Lithuania and foreign countries.

Saulės Žiedas 2023

Dear folk friends. We have to inform you that next edition of our International Folk Contest-Festival „Flower of the Sun“ will be held on 3–9 July, 2023.
Due to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Festival that was scheduled for 2021 will be held in 2023. Applications will start at 15th of September, 2022. Application Forms you can found at festival website
See you in 2023 at Šiauliai, Lithuania!

Song and Dance Festivals

Song and dance festival Kaunas, Vilinus
from 15th to 16th of July 2022