Finland for Visitors

Stone stairs in the forest
People photografin the view to the lake Pielinen in the Koli mountain.
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Äksyt Ämmät

Be very welcome to our life in the middle of the nature

Äksyt Ämmät is a travel agency, tour operator, program service provider and online store in North Karelia.
We offer responsible and eco-friendly travel packages. Nature tours for groups of all sizes. Nature holidays with local twist – walking, canoeing, biking, skiing, Karelian culture and food…

Read here how Äksyt Ämmät are promoting sustainable tourism.

A man in a rowing boat. In the middle of lake.


North Karelia in Eastern Finland is a place where you can travel safely, enjoy pure nature with all your senses and discover the top attractions without rush. Book joyful experiences and activities online, taste Karelian flavors and find the most comfortable accommodation.

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Suomussalmi is the northernmost municipality in the Kainuu region and the focal point of the Upper Kainuu area. A lively service center Highway 5 is the most important route running north and south, and the Via Karelia scenic route branches off from it and runs eastward to Kuhmo and northward to Kuusamo.
A bear in the middle of swamps

Wild Taiga

Escape to the nature

You really feel alive in the heart of the eastern Kainuu nature. Wild Taiga’s untouched land, clear lakes and rapids will tempt you to treks with authentic experiences. We offer a rare opportunity to hike in magnificent, unspoiled nature, watch and photograph wildlife, and enjoy cultural activities.

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Lake Saimaa – Experience a wonderful holiday in Finland

Lake Saimaa is a beutiful destination in Finland and it will definitely take your breath away. The tourist information offices will be happy to help you to get the most out of your holiday. Lappeenranta and Imatra region is located a couple of hours away from the Finnish capital Helsinki. From Helsinki you can easily get here by train, bus or car within just a few hours. Public transport is an easy and affordable way of travelling in Finland.

A couple of interesting places to stay

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Lietsu Boutique Aparthotel

Come and enjoy Lietsu Hotel’s welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in Joensuu, North Karelia.

We offer unique and cosy hotel accommodation with Karelian hospitality. Our hotel is located in Joensuu city centre, in Eastern Finland, where you can easily enjoy both town life and outdoor activities. Book above your stay in one of our comfortable rooms.

Warm welcome to Boutique Aparthotel Lietsu!

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