Lithuania for Visitors

Lithuanian smiling girl with her handigrafts
Lithuanian people in their traditional costumes
Night view from the sky to the castle


This film tells about the people of Biržai region and their old traditions. These are heritages that are still alive in the memory of Biržai residents. The director of the movie is Linas Mikuta

The castle of Birza, white classical building with arches.

Biržai Region Museum “Sėla”

Biržai Region Museum “Sėla” (Lithuania) offers  Educational programme “From a grain to a song: Biržai tradition and hospitality”. Visitors will be able to savor local beer produced at one of the oldest breweries in Lithuania. To round off the experience, beer will be accompanied by local food. During the programme, visitors will be acquainted with the traditional beer making process and tools, entertained by a folklore ensemble from Aukštaitija region and they can expect to take part in their lively performance.